Three Cheers For Girls! Lap Desks

Recognizing the importance of sports, school, friends, and dreams in a young girl's life ...

Three Cheers For Girls!This company specializes in lifestyle products for young girls ... offering accessories, novelties, and gifts, the young company has accomplished its mission to provide "tweens" with products that encourage self-expression, individuality, and creativity. These sturdy wood lap desks with colorful designs includes a removable plush pillow with zippered storage pocket. Portable, pretty and practical ... everything you need for your hard-working student!

❈ About these 3C4G Lap Desks:

Three Cheers Sports Lap DeskPrinted wood lap desks with matching polystyrene bead filled tufted cushion. Includes fabric carrying handle and silicone bumper for added durability. Measures 12" x 17".

Three Cheers for Girls: Sports Lap Desk
Three Cheers Sugar Shack Lap Desk
Sugar Shack Lap Desk
Three Cheers Blue Dots Lap Desk
Blue Dots Lap Desk
Three Cheers for Girls Candy Explosion Lap Desk
Candy Explosion Lap Desk
Three Cheers Emoji Lap Desk
Emoji Lap Desk
Three Cheers Eiffel Tower Lap Desk
Eiffel Tower Lap Desk
Three Cheers for Girls Neon Paisley Lap Desk
Neon Paisley Lap Desk