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The Couch~Caddy Remote Control Organizer

Couch Caddy
Couch Caddy
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Couch Caddy
Handcrafted in Our Wood Shop

BZ from West Virginia writes ...

Got my couch caddy today and I'm super pleased with it. Your work has exceeded my expectations. Good job on this customized unit and many thanks!
Couch Caddy

GK from New Mexico says:

The Alder Couch Caddy arrived this morning. Wow! Close inspection reveals the care in design and workmanship that you and Dan put into your work. It's a real pleasure to have something that is not mass produced and impersonal, but which literally glows with the loving craftsmanship that you put into it.

BV from Illinois writes ...

I'm very pleased with the two remote caddies I've purchased from you. The second one (walnut) arrived today just 4 days after I ordered it. I like their looks, their construction and, perhaps most important, their design. They're both extremely functional and flexible. Further, I think they're an excellent good value.

About "The Couch Caddy"...

  • Our unique TV remote control organizers are custom-made and unfinished
  • Made for storing TV, VCR, CD player and stereo remote controls
  • The body is constructed of natural solid hardwood - such as Cherry, Birch, Ash, Oak, Walnut, Poplar, Maple & Alder
  • The removable inner partitions can be made of wood or hardboard
  • Also useful for storage of such things as a TV Guide, VHS tapes, pens, pads, paperback books, mail etc.
  • Small wooden feet (optional) on each corner add a decorative touch
  • Use on coffee & end tables, kitchen counters, bedside tables, entertainment centers or anywhere!
  • A great gift or practical addition to any family and game room, living room and den, kitchen counter top, RV, dorm room, more
  • Makes clean-up a snap when company is coming!

Couch Caddy
Large Mahogany Couch Caddy SR from NY writes ...
Custom Red Oak Couch Caddy Remote Control Organizer
I LOVE this little couch caddy. It is perfect for my remotes and the place I want to set it. I have no doubt that when friends and family see it they will want one !!! Your craftsmanship is wonderful !! If and when I am looking for something else I can't find, I will keep you in my address book for the future...

Sports Caddy

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